Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any help videos?
Answer: Yes! Please click here for a list of videos to assist new users.

Can elementary teachers use MyGradeBook?
Answer: MyGradeBook lets you pick an Elementary or Secondary format for each class, provides you with the ability to create categories within categories, and has other options that make it easy for Elementary teachers to use MyGradeBook.

What makes MyGradeBook better than a paper grade book?
Answer: MyGradeBook does all the work for you -- weighting categories and assignments, calculating midterm and final grades. In addition, MyGradeBook reduces the time you spend in teacher-parent conferences and on the phone with parents by making it easy for them to check their progress at any time that is convenient for them. You can also email groups of students and parents, print out reports on an individual student, on an entire class, or on all of your students and classes to use at parent conferences and with school administrators.

How does MyGradeBook help me communicate with parents and students?
Answer: If you decide to give your students and parents online access to their grades, just click the "New Passwords" button and send them the log in information. Once you provide the student and parents with the log in information, they can log in through a secure connection to view their own grades and other information such as upcoming assignments, teacher comments and attendance at any time that is convenient for them. After you provide the log in information, all you have to do is create and score assignments because students and parents will automatically see updated information every time they log in. You can also send email from MyGradeBook to an entire class or to individual students and parents and have the system automatically email parents when students are late or miss class.

Is there a way for teachers to join together all of the classes in a student's schedule?
Answer: Yes, if the teacher is in a group , MyGradeBook will recognize which classes in your group a student is taking based upon a Student District ID value. A Student District ID is a number assigned to each student by your school. If all teachers in your group supply this Student District ID value on the student records in their classes and they assign passwords to students, then each student will be able to log into any one class and see a listing of all of their other classes as well.

How secure is MyGradeBook?
Answer: MyGradeBook is very concerned about the security of the student information stored in your account. We have implemented the following measures to ensure the security of your data:

  • Access to your account is password-protected.
  • Every time an attempt to access your account is made, we log the attempt in our database. The results of every attempt to access your account during the last 30 days are shown to you every time you successfully log in.
  • Every time an attempt to access your account is made, we email you, showing you the date, time, IP address, and the result of the attempt.
  • If three straight unsuccessful attempts to log in are made, your account is automatically locked for one hour. The only way to access your account during the one-hour lockout period is to enter your unlock password instead of your regular password and then log in again using your regular password.
  • Once you log in, all access to MyGradeBook is encrypted via the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.
  • Student and parent access to your account is also password-protected. Each student is given a unique Student ID and Password, which they must supply to log into MyGradeBook.
  • Students and parents can only access their own information when logged into your account.
Teachers can periodically change their log in password to help ensure the security of their class information.

In your account, you can choose to further protect the student information that can be accessed with the student/parent log in information, by choosing not to show the student's name with the student's grade information. This is a setting in the Preferences section of the My Account screen in your MyGradeBook account.

Does MyGradeBook keep attendance records?
Answer: Yes, the Attendance tab in MyGradeBook allows teachers to record daily attendance for their class. The teacher can define her own attendance codes. Attendance codes can be defined to automatically send email to the parents.

How can my students log in to see their own grades?
Answer: Students log in through a secure connection and view only their own grades. Students can log in in one of the two ways:

  1. The easiest way to log in is to click the automatic log in link contained within a "Grades Updated" email sent by the teacher. Teachers use their Grades Updated screen to send the emails.
  2. Another way to log in is to go to and enter a Classword and Password that teacher has provided. Teachers can run a report which prints the log in information for each student on separate pieces of paper and then hand it out in class.

What kind of computer and Internet connection do I need to use MyGradeBook?
Answer: Both Windows and Macintosh computers are supported by MyGradeBook.

A user must have a Web browser and an Internet connection to log into MyGradeBook. MyGradeBook recommends that users obtain the most current release of their Web browser. Dial-up connections are acceptable. Performance will be improved by having a faster connection.

What happens when my free trial is over? Is my grade book erased?
Answer: MyGradeBook does not immediately delete a user's account when the 30-day trial is over. If an account expires, a user may still log in and pay for a one-year subscription to continue using the same account.

How do I start a group to take advantage of group discounts?
Answer: Two or more users can associate their individual MyGradeBook accounts to benefit from a better annual subscription rate.

To begin this process, the first step is to choose a leader or Group Account Manager. This can be one of the teachers or another person at the school.

The Group Account Manager needs to visit our home page and click the "group account" link a couple of lines below the log in fields. After completing a group registration form, the new Group Manager will receive two codes to distribute to the teachers who will be members of the group: a Group ID code and a Sign Up code.

Teachers with existing MyGradeBook accounts should log in and view the My Account screen. By entering and saving these codes on their grade book, the individual teacher becomes a group member.

Teachers who are new to MyGradeBook should click the "Join Group" link at the top of this FAQ page. New teachers will see a registration form which allows them to record a Group ID code and a Sign Up code. By submitting these codes on the registration form, the new teacher becomes a group member.

How do I join a group account?
Answer: Teachers must first obtain a Group ID code and a Sign Up code from their Group Account Manager.

Teachers with existing MyGradeBook accounts should do the following:

  1. Log in as a teacher and go to the My Account screen.
  2. Enter the Group ID and Sign Up code the group manager provided.
  3. Click the save button.
Teachers who are new to MyGradeBook should click the "Join Group" link that is in the gray area at the very top of this FAQ page. New teachers will see a registration form which allows them to record a Group ID code and a Sign Up code. By submitting these codes on the registration form, the new teacher becomes a group member.

How do I print an invoice for my group subscription?
Answer: For your convenience, a video illustrating how to print a group account invoice is available here

To print an invoice for your group account, please log in as group manager. Click the Invoices link at the top of the screen. Click the Create button. Complete the fields on the form. Finally, click the Save button. This will pop up a window with a printable invoice. If you don't see this pop-up window, you may need to adjust the options/preferences in your web browser to allow pop-up windows for

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  • Grade Management
    • Flexible tools to fit your grading style.
    • Elementary and Secondary formats.
  • School-Home Communication
    • Send email to students and parents automatically.
    • Optionally let students and parents login to view information.
  • Online Access
    • Use your gradebook from anywhere!
  • Easy Navigation
    • You'll be up and running quickly.
  • Reports
    • Ready-made reports make it easy for you to assess class performance.
    • Customize reports to fit your needs.
  • Secure & Compatible
    • World-class security keeps data secure.
  • Seating Chart
    • Upload pictures, take attendance, and arrange desks.
  • Attendance
    • Track attendance online.
  • Online Quizzes
    • Create your own online quizzes or select from our huge library of teacher-created quizzes.
  • Affordable
    • Form a group to save even more!
There are many additional features such as defining your own non-numeric scoring codes, overriding computed grades, defining categories within categories, and much more that are not listed above. You can get more information via the help system by clicking here.

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