Recent MyGradeBook Upgrades That Affected Teachers
The version numbers listed below and the version numbers shown at the bottom of every screen after you log in are only for reference. MyGradeBook is a web-based product and you are always using the latest version.

Version 11.65    04/21/2011
  • Scores By Assignment Screen
    The Scores By Assignment screen will remember the selected assignment when you switch to a different class. If you have selected a category and an assignment and then switch to a different class and that class has the same category name, the category will be automatically selected and displayed for you. If the automatically selected category has an assignment with the same name as the one you had selected in the other class, it will be automatically selected and displayed for you so long as the following are also true:
    • The previously selected class and the currently selected class have the same start and end dates.
    • The previously selected class and the currently selected class have the same grading period start and end dates.

Version 11.64    02/08/2011
  • Show letter grade in screens and reports
    Added a check box titled "Show letter grade in screens and reports" to the Class grading scale for teachers who do not give letter grades. Unchecking the box automatically alters the grading scale so that screens and reports only show the percentages computed by MyGradeBook.

    Related help pages:

    Class Grading Scale Help

    My Account Preferences can be used to suppress the display of computed percentages and weights in the student/parent viewer.

Version 11.63    02/03/2011
  • Grading Scale form in Class, New Class Wizard, and My Account screens
    • Added a "Suppress" check box to the 2nd through 12th rows of the grading scale so teachers do not have to enter "999" in the Minimum Percentage field for a grading scale row they do not want to use. When a Suppress box is checked, the corresponding row is automatically disabled/greyed out and 999 is put into the percentage field. Unchecking a Suppress box reenables the row, clears the percentage field, and moves cursor to percentage field.
    • Attempting to remove or "blank" the values in the Minimum% or Grade fields will result in an immediate rejection of the change, refilling of the field with the original value, and a message informing you that you can use the Suppress check box if they do not want to use the row. If you want to replace the entire value of a field, just move the cursor into the field and it should be automatically highlighted for you at which point you can just type the desired value without needing to first press your backspace key.
    • Updated Grading Scale section of help page for Class screen.

  • Adding a class now updates default grading scale
    Manually adding a class now updates the default grading scale in the teachers My Account screen. The default grading scale shown in the My Account screen is and always has been used to prefill the grading scale when you add a class.

Version 11.62    01/27/2011
  • Password and Password Details reports modified - The Password and Password Details reports now show the student's DID (District ID) whenever one has been assigned to the student.
  • "Close Guide" link in New User Guide made more visible - The "Close Guide" link was made more visible because some teachers were not aware that they could disable the New User Guide via the link in the messages displayed by the guide or via the option in the My Account screen. The color of the New Class Wizard "Close Guide" link has been changed from black to blue and now has the normal underlining that most links have.

Version 11.61    01/18/2011
  • Added a check box labeled "Include Log In information" to the Send General Email screen - This new feature makes it practical to use the General Email screen to send out a welcome message which includes the student/parent log in information.
  • Created Low Grade Email screen - This new screen in the Communicate tab lets you send email to parents and their students who have a percentage in the current grading period lower than the value you specify.
  • Created Missing Assignments Email screen - This new screen in the Communicate tab lets you send email to parents and their students who have not turned in one or more assignments.

Version 11.6    01/12/2011
  • TAB key in the Scores Spreadsheet screen - When you press the TAB key while the cursor is in the last score of a row, the cursor will now go directly to the first score on the next row instead of the Student ID link.
  • TAB key in the Scores By Assignment and Scores By Student screens - Per recent teacher feedback from version 11.5, pressing the TAB key now causes the cursor to more down the column instead of across the row in the Scores By Assignment and Scores By Student screens.
  • Student/Parent Reports Updated The Assignment By Date Due and Assignment By Category report in the student parent viewer now show overall grade info for whatever grading period is selected in the same way the home tab shows it.
  • Copying Grading Periods - The Class Grading Periods screen now has a section at the bottom which lets you copy the grading periods in the currently selected class to your other classes.

Version 11.5    12/11/2010
  • Scoring Comments - Teachers can now enter a comment when they enter a score. Scoring comments are displayed in various teacher and student/parent reports.

Version 11.4    07/18/2010
  • Teacher session timeout reminder - Teacher sessions have always automatically timed out after 1 hour of not clicking any buttons or links and they will continue to do so. In order to help teachers remember the 1 hour timeout, we have added a reminder message that pops up every 19 minutes until the teacher clicks a link or a button.
  • Weekly maintenance lockout shortened and moved to Saturday - The weekly maintenance lockout has been moved to Saturdays and will start at 4:00 AM United States Eastern Time. In addition, the weekly maintenance lockout will be shorter because it is no longer hard coded to be 7 hours. The weekly maintenance lockout will end as soon as the required database maintenance routines have finished which will typically be 1 to 3 hours after they start.
  • Print headers on teacher reports are smaller - The print headers for teacher reports now take up fewer lines of paper than they did before.
  • Phase 1 of Internationalization - Teachers and Group Managers can now use the My Account screen to specify which of the three major date formats they want to use and the time zone they are in. Available date formats are mm/dd/yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy, and yyyy-mm-dd. You specify your desired date format by indicating which country you are in and your country determines the date format you will use. Please go to the My Account screen and scroll down to review and adjust the default country and time zone settings that have been assigned to customers who created accounts prior to 07/18/2010.

    Changing your date format lets you enter dates in screens in the format you are most comfortable with. In addition, all reports you and your students and parents use will show dates in your chosen format.

    Changing your time zone affects a variety of reports, functions, and defaults including but not limited to things like the following:
    • Default dates when loading attendance screens, creating assignments, creating classes etc.
    • The actual time an assignment is listed as past due in missing scores reports.
    • The actual date/time a quiz becomes available/unavailable.
    • Dates and times shown in login attempt emails, Access Log reports, Student Login reports, Undelete screen items, Integration Log reports, Finalization reports, etc.
  • Phase 2 of Internationalization - Phase 2 of our Internationalization work is currently in development and is focused on making MyGradeBook available in multiple languages.
  • Date Assigned added to Student/Parent Assignments By Date Due report - The Assignments By Date Due report that students and parents can run after they login now lists Date Assigned in addition to Date Due.
  • Teacher Low and Missing Scores reports modified to save paper - When teachers run the Low and Missing Scores reports with the "Display All Active Students" box checked, the report no longer lists students who have no scores that match report criteria. For example, if you run the Missing Scores report for all students, the report only displays the students that have one or more missing scores instead of showing "This student has no missing scores" next to the names of students who have no missing scores.
  • Student's Overall Override Automatically Removed When Teacher Removes Student's Last Override Percentage - When a teacher removes a students grading period percentage override in a weighted grading period and clicks the save button, the system will now automatically check to see if the student has no other overrides in weighted grading periods. If the student now has no overrides in weighted grading periods, the students Overall grade and percentage overrides are automatically removed and the normal computed values are used.
  • Class start and end dates shown when copying categories and assignments - The start and end dates of the classes that can receive copies are now shown to the immediate right of the class titles when teachers are copying classes and categories.
  • Usability for iPad ® users improved - The teacher, student/parent, and group manager menuing tabs, help flyouts, and print flyouts are now aware of iPad users. The system will now show the flyout list of options when an iPad user puts their finger on a tab, print link, or help link.

Version 11.3    02/21/2010
  • Teachers now have access to a new report named Category Grades which displays students down a column on the left, categories across the top, each students grades and percentages in each category, each students overall grade and percentage in the selected grading period or date range, and class averages for each column.
  • Account Consolidation - If you have a teacher account and a group manager account using the same email address, you will be guided through consolidating your passwords. Once your accounts have been consolidated, any changes to your email address, password, or unlock password made in either account automatically affects the other account.
  • Teachers who are in integrated groups will no longer see action buttons in the Finalize Grades screen for custom grading periods they have created.
  • Class start and end dates have been added to the Class drop down to make it easier for teachers to figure out which class to select when they have multiple classes with exactly the same name.
  • Group Managers can now update grading periods in group controlled sections without overwriting teacher defined grading periods and teacher defined weights. The Update Sections button in the Group Manager Grading Periods screen now shows options for updating the existing grading period information without removing teacher defined grading periods and teacher defined weights.
  • Group Managers can now easily undo all of the grade finalizations that teachers have done in a grading period by clicking a new button named undo finalization in Download Grades screen. The undo finalization button is useful for groups that download grades more often than the official grading periods they have defined. For example, some groups create custom "Eligibility" or "Intervention" reports of students that are getting low grades on a weekly basis and they have their teachers finalize grades every Friday instead of just at the end of the official grading periods the group has defined. The general process for the aforementioned groups is:
    1. The group manager runs the Finalization report to make sure every teacher finalizes. Many groups do this every Friday.
    2. Once every teacher finalizes, the group manager uses the Download Grades screen to get a file with all of the latest grades.
    3. The group manager uses a spreadsheet program, report generator, or some other tool to read the file and create custom reports.
    4. The group manager clicks the undo finalization button so that the teachers do not have to remember to do it themselves and so an accurate Finalization report can be run the next time the group needs a custom report or the end of the grading period is reached.

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