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MyGradeBook is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal and student information. We take all precautions to ensure reliable access to your data, and to keep your data safe and private.

MyGradeBook offers the most secure and protected way for you to give parents access to the information they need to understand their students' progress. With MyGradeBook's leading security protocols, you are the gatekeeper. You have total control over what information parents and students can log in to see. The easy and intuitive interface makes it a comfortable part of your daily routine.

Some of the information privacy precautions include:

  • Access encrypted via the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.
  • Secure logout for protection of accounts accessed on a shared computer.
  • If three consecutive unsuccessful login attempts are made, the account is automatically locked for one hour. A teacher can unlock the account prior to the end of the hour by entering the Unlock Password.
  • Every time an attempt to access a teacher account is made, we email the teacher showing the date, time, IP address, and the result of the attempt.

Some of the data security precautions include:

  • Even if your computer is stolen or the hard drive crashes, all of your data remains safe and private at MyGradeBook.
  • Servers are in a physically secure and monitored environment including precautions such as man traps.
  • Database files are encrypted.
  • Daily server backups and offsite storage of archives.
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  • Grade Management
    • Flexible tools to fit your grading style.
    • Elementary and Secondary formats.
  • School-Home Communication
    • Send email to students and parents automatically.
    • Optionally let students and parents login to view information.
  • Online Access
    • Use your gradebook from anywhere!
  • Easy Navigation
    • You'll be up and running quickly.
  • Reports
    • Ready-made reports make it easy for you to assess class performance.
    • Customize reports to fit your needs.
  • Secure & Compatible
    • World-class security keeps data secure.
  • Seating Chart
    • Upload pictures, take attendance, and arrange desks.
  • Attendance
    • Track attendance online.
  • Online Quizzes
    • Create your own online quizzes or select from our huge library of teacher-created quizzes.
  • Affordable
    • Form a group to save even more!
There are many additional features such as defining your own non-numeric scoring codes, overriding computed grades, defining categories within categories, and much more that are not listed above. You can get more information via the help system by clicking here.

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What People Are Saying

Teachers like the convenience of being able to work from home. Since we started using this program, homework is being turned in more regularly and grades are improving. It's great being able to communicate more directly with parents.

— Kathy Burns, Technical
Specialist, Ann Arbor Public Schools