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Your Administrative Viewer account allows you to log in to teacher and/or student accounts. When viewing a teacher account, you will be able to view only the screens in the "Reports" section. When viewing a student account, you will be able to view all screens. You will not be able to submit or change any data. Your Group Manager creates and manages Administrative Viewer accounts, including selecting whether each administrator will be able to access teacher accounts, student accounts, or both.

On the Administrative Viewer Search Page, enter either a District ID or First Name or Last Name search criteria, and then click either the "teacher search" or "student search" button. You will then see a list of teachers or students that match your search criteria. Click a name to log in as that person. You may only access accounts for teachers who have at least one class, and accounts for students who have at least one class with a teacher-assigned password.

Searching by District ID, First Name or Last Name is done with an automatic wild card at the end of the criteria that you enter. For example, entering 'Sm' in the Last Name field will return all teachers or students whose last names begin with 'Sm'.

To change the name, position or title, email address, or password associated with your account, click the "My Account" link in the upper right corner of the screen.

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