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The All Scores report displays a list of all students and all scores they have in the grading period, category, and any sub categories you specify. The scores listed in the report are sorted by category and assignment due date.

If you want to download this type of information to a file on your hard drive, try using your web browser's "Save As" option or the Export Screen via the ToolKit tab.

Elementary Format Notes
If your class is using the Elementary Format and you pick the "All Categories" option, a summary of performance in each reported category is displayed for each student in addition to the list of every score the student received.

If your class is using the Elementary Format and you pick a specific category, you will see a "Category Reporting Grade:" header followed by the name of a category or NA instead of the "Overall Grade:" header. In addition, the grade shown for each student will be based on the currently selected category if it has its Report Grades Check Box checked or the next higher category that has been flagged to report grades. If the selected category does not report grades and there is no higher category that is reporting grades, you will see "NA" (Not Available) instead of a grade.

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