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Anecdotal Log Screen

Teachers find the Anecdotal Log screen in the Students tab. Group Managers can find the Anecdotal Log screen in the Integration tab.

The Anecdotal Log Screen screen lets you record and automatically share anecdotal information about students in your group with the other teachers in your group. Since the Anecdotal Log is used for sharing information with teachers, the Anecdotal Log Screen and its associated Anecdotal Log Report can only be used if your teacher account is part of a group account. In addition, your Group Manager must use Integration to setup and maintain your classes and rosters or use a Master Student List. Integration is greatly preferred over the Master Student List because District Integration is much more powerful and requires far less work by the teachers in the group. For example, if your group is using the Master Student List, teachers in the group must use the group's Master Student List to create and maintain their class rosters via the Import Roster and Import Single Student screens in the Student Tab. If your group is using District Integration, your classes and rosters are setup and maintained for you.

When you create an Anecdotal Log record, it is available for other teachers in your group to see. If your Group Manager has used their version of the Anecdotal Log screen to configure the Anecdotal Log to send emails when records are created, an email will be sent to each teacher in the group letting them know that a new record was created.

  • Teachers, Administrative Viewers, and the Group Manager can view any Anecdotal Log records created in the group.
  • Teachers and the Group manager can create Anecdotal Log records for any student in the group's Master Student List.
  • Teachers can edit and delete any Anecdotal Log records that they created but they can not edit or delete records created by other teachers in the group.
  • The Group Manager can edit and delete all Anecdotal Log records. In addition, the Group Manager undelete records and disable/enable the Anecdotal Log feature.
  • The Group Manager can configure the system to send or not send emails to all teachers in the group when records are created and when records are updated.

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