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The Calendar screen lets you work with events, assignments, scores, and quizzes within a calendar format. The Calendar screen displays each day of the month you have chosen to view.

What you can do with the calendar screen
  • Print the calendar by clicking the Print this report (Use Landscape) link.
  • Add assignments for a specific date by clicking the "+A" link next to the day.
  • Add events for a specific date by clicking the "+E" link next to the day.
  • Score an assignment by clicking the "S" next to its title.
  • Edit or delete an assignment or event by clicking the "E" next to its title.
  • Try an online quiz by clicking its green link.
Display options
The display options are listed just above the calendar. Change the options and click the Show Calendar button to see the calendar with the new options. By default, all events, assignments, and online quizzes for the current month and year are shown.

By default, weekends are not displayed. Not displaying weekends leaves more space to display assignment and quiz titles. If you have events, assignments, or quizzes on weekends or just prefer to see weekends, click in the "Weekends" check box.

Events are unscored calendar items. For example, you might have an event with a title of "Open House" defined as part of the student/parent calendar. Another example, would be an event with a title of "Dinner with my mom" defined as part of your private calendar.

Event Fields
  • Title: Use this field to enter the title of the event.
  • Description: Use this field to describe the event. You can use the toolbar or your own HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to improve readability. If you are creating your HTML in an editor and then "cut and pasting" the resulting HTML into the field, be sure you click the "Source" button before pasting. You should also make sure you do not include all of the HTML code from a stand alone page because it will not work correctly.

    If you use hyperlinks in your HTML code, make sure you have quotes around the URL parameters so MyGradeBook can pop up new windows when they are clicked.

    If you want to include graphics from other web servers, please make sure the graphics are coming from a server providing https:// (Secure Socket Layer) access. If you link to pages that are not using SSL, teachers, parents, and students in your group will be shown messages repeatedly telling them that some of the content is unsecured.

    Please note that the following are some but not all of the types of activities that are not allowed your in your HTML.
    · You cannot include advertisements or promotions for products.
    · You cannot link to commercial sites unless it is for educational purposes.
    · You cannot perform cross-site scripting.
    · You cannot include disparaging remarks in a custom header.
    · You cannot include obscene, illegal, or libelous material.

    If you decide to use HTML, make sure that you add a space after any "<" symbols that you do not want interpreted as an HTML tag. Please note that <body>, <form>, <head>, <plaintext>, and <html> tags are automatically converted to their textual representations. If they are not converted, these tags can cause problems when you or your students try to view the pages on which they appear.

    Special note about pictures and teachers that use the Internet Explorer
    This issue does not affect students that are taking quizzes.. This issue only affects teachers that use the Internet Explorer when they are creating, modifying, and taking quizzes via the "Take Quiz" link in the Quiz tab menu. If you are going to include pictures in your quizzes and you use the Internet Explorer web browser, you should store your pictures on a web server that supports SSL and use https instead of http for paths to your images so you can avoid the security warnings that the Internet Explorer will show you when the main page is accessed via https but the images are not. If you must use the Internet Explorer and your school does not have a web server that supports https or will not allow you to store your images on it, you should remember to click "NO" when the Internet Explorer asks you if you if you only want to view secure images.

  • Type: By default, events are listed in the Student/Parent calendar. However, you can use this field to indicate that the event will only show on your private calendar. Holidays are shown on all calendars.
  • All classes: If you want the event to only show in the calendar for the class you are currently working in, click on the box to remove the check from this field.
  • Start and End Date/Time: Use these fields to indicate when the event starts and ends. By default, new events last all day. Dates should be entered in the date format appropriate for the country you specified in the My Account screen or when you signed up. Use the pull down boxes to choose time of day.

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