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General Comments

The General Comments screen allows you to make general purpose comments about students. Use the Official Comments screen if you are a teacher in a group that has defined comments codes and you want to make an official comment that will be recorded in your schools student information system.

You can enter any type of general comment about a student, such as:
  • "Comment Codes" used when exporting data via the Export Screen from the Toolkit tab
  • Comments about a student's behavior on a particular day
  • Comments about an excuse the student used for not turning in an assignment
  • Comments/notes about the student's parents or meetings with parents
You have the option in the Show pull-down menu to make the Comment menu display:
  • all students
  • active students
  • inactive students
You then select the student from the Student pull-down menu, and click the add button.

There are two check boxes:
  1. Let students and parents see this comment makes the comment visible to students and parents when they log in and makes the comment display in the Student Grading Summary report.
  2. Include this comment when exporting data makes the Export screen in the Toolkit tab include the comment in the file that is generated.
When finished entering comments, click the save button to update the screen.

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