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Does MyGradeBook work with Elementary classes?
Yes. Check the Elementary Format check box in the Class screen and click the save button.

Can MyGradeBook integrate with my School's Student Information System?
Yes. Your school or district can create group accounts and use our predefined integration methods to automatically create and maintain your class lists and import the grades you generate.

Why do I keep getting "Warning Page Expired..." messages?
Do not use your browsers "Back" and "Forward" buttons while logged in at MyGradeBook. Using your browsers "Back" and "Forward" buttons can cause some "Page Expired" messages. If you forget this tip and get a message saying something like "Warning this page has expired...", click your browsers "Refresh" button.

How do I let students and parents log in to see their grading summary?

  1. Use the Student screen in the Students tab to assign passwords to your students.
  2. Let your students and parents know the Classword and their student password.
If you have email addresses for one or students and parents and they have been entered into the Contact Information screen in the Students tab, you can use the Grades Updated screen in the toolkit tab to send emails to each student and parent that contain a personalized hyperlink that they can click on to go directly to their grading summary without remembering their Classword and password.

How do I change my Email address?
Use the My Account Screen to change your Email addresses. A link to the My Account screen is shown near the top of every screen.

How do I assign passwords to students?
You can automatically assign passwords to all students in the Student screen by clicking the New Passwords button. Click on the Students tab to access the Student Names and Passwords screen.

Can anyone other than me see the information about my class?
No, unless you give your password to someone or you are part of a group account and your group manager has enabled administrative viewing. If you give someone an individual student's password, they can see only what is in that student's grading summary.

Can I change my Email address after my account is created?
Yes, you can change your Email address in the My Account screen. Always make sure your Email account information is accurate.

My school does not use your default grading scale. Can I still use MyGradeBook? My school does not use plus and minus grades. Can I still use MyGradeBook?
Yes. You can modify the default Grading Scale in the Class Screen. TIP - The bottom of the Class screen provides you with a method for copying the grading scale in the currently selected class to other classes.

Can I copy a class and all of it's categories and assignments?
Yes. The Copy button in the Class screen copies the currently selected class and all of its categories and assignments to a new class. In addition, the Category and Assignment screens have copy buttons.

Can I override the overall grades and percentages computed by MyGradeBook?
You can override the overall grades and percentages computed by MyGradeBook as long as your class is not using the Elementary Format. Use the Override Grades screen by clicking the Scores tab and then click the Override Grades link that appears below the tabs.

How do I define a new/additional Grading Periods?
Use the Grading Periods Screen which is accessible via a link shown after you hold you mouse pointer over the Class tab.

How do I input Citizenship and Effort grades?
Enter Citizenship and Effort grades through the Citizenship and Effort Grades screen which has a link under the Students tab.

Can I score assignments by letter grade instead of numeric score?
Yes. You can use the Non-Numeric Scoring Codes screen to define non-numeric values such as "A", "B" etc. that are automatically converted to a percentage of the maximum points in the assignment.

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