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Grading Periods Horizontal Report
The Grading Periods Horizontal Report displays the overall grade and percentage received by students in each grading period in a horizontal format. If you want more detail, try the Grading Periods (Vertical) report.

If your class is using the Elementary Format, the Grading Periods Horizontal Report will break out grades for each of categories that report grades. In addition, the Overall Grades checkbox will not be visible since Overall Grades are not relevant in the Elementary Format.

If you are just showing letter grades in the Grading Periods Horizontal report and you have used the Override Grades screen to override grading period percentages without also overriding the letter grades, you will not see a red asterisk per the notes at the bottom of the Override Grades help page. If you want to force the display of a red asterisk next to the grades in reports and screens, use the Override Grades screen to enter a value in the Override Grade field and click the Save button.

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