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The Attendance Download screen lets you manually download attendance from classes that were created via the District Integration processes.

You can access the Attendance Download screen by clicking the Integration link, the Download link, and then Attendance link. Once you click the Integration link and you have enabled District Integration, you will see several integration related links below the Integration link. When you click the "Download" link, you will see three links below the Download link and the Grades link is selected. Click the "Attendance" link to access the Attendance download screen.

In addition to manually downloading attendance, you can automate your downloads.


Column Delimter: You can choose TAB delimited or Comma delimited and either format can be imported by the spreadsheet program you are using. TAB delimeted is recommended.

Start and End Dates: You must specify the start and end dates you want to download. Seven days is the maximum number of days you can download at a time.

Period: You can optionally specify a specific Period you want. Period numbers can be assigned to sections in the Sections Screen and can be used to indicate the sequence in which the sections meet from the students perspective. For example, a students "period 1" class is often referred to as their "home room".

Student ID Starts With: You can optionally specify the first few characters of the Student District ID values you want. For example, if your group contains students from many different schools and you preface their student IDs with letters such as GWH for "George Washington High School" and JH for "Jefferson High School", you could enter "GWH" to only get students who have IDs that start with GWH.

Click the Save button when you are ready to create a file.

Except for the Attendance Code column, you can include or not include every column by checking or unchecking the corresponding boxes. If your group would like a different file format, please use the Contact Us link shown at the bottom of every page.

When you click the Save button, a file is generated based on the date range you specified. The first row of the file will be a header row with a name for each column you included in the file. The full list of columns are described in sequence below.

School ID: This column is based on the text you put in the School ID field in the Integration Information screen.

Teacher ID: This column contains the ID your group assigned to the teacher.

Teacher Name: This column contains the teacher's name.

Course ID: This column contains the Course ID assigned to the class. The Course ID is determined by your school/district and is visible in the teachers Class screen and printed versions of most teacher reports.

Section Code: This column contains the Section Code assigned to the section of the course the grades refer to. The Section Code is determined by your school/district and is visible in the teachers Class screen and printed versions of most teacher reports.

Attendance Date: Date the attendance is for.

Course Title: This column contains the name of the course.

Section Start Time: This column contains the time the section starts.

Section End Time: This column contains the time the section ends.

Student ID: This column contains the Student District Identifier of the student whose grades are listed. The Student District ID is determined by your school/district and is shown as "Student District ID" or "Student DID" in the reports and screens teachers access.

Student Name: This colum contains the student's name.

Attendance Code: This column contains the attendance code recorded for the student in the course/section on the specified date.

Period: This column contains the Period value assigned to the section in the Sections Screen.

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