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Attendance Percentages By Class
The Attendance Percentages By Class lets you pick a date range and and an attendance code and shows you the percentages for each section that was active in that date range. You can access the Attendance Percentages By Class screen by holding your mouse over the Reports tab and then clicking on the "Attendance % By Class" option.

Please note that this report only works if you have enabled Integration via the Integration tab and have setup attendance codes and classes for your teacher via the Integration screens.

Start and End Dates: You must specify start and end dates which will be used to determine the sections that are included in the report.

Attendance Code: You must specify which attendance code you are interested in.

Student ID Starts With: You can optionally specify the first few characters of the Student District ID values you want. For example, if your group contains students from many different schools and you preface their student IDs with letters such as GWH for "George Washington High School" and JH for "Jefferson High School", you could enter "GWH" to only get students who have IDs that start with GWH.

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