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Grade Statistics
You can access the Grade Statistics report by logging in as a Group Manager and holding your mouse over the Reports tab and then clicking on the "Grade Statistics" option.

The Grade Statistics report lets you pick a date range and then reports on the overall average, median, and mode for finalized grades in the grading period(s) covered by that date range. In addittion, percentages for each student in each grading period are shown. You can optionally specify a Course Number and/or a Section Code as well a Student Number.

Please note that this report only works if you have enabled Integration via the Integration tab and your teachers have finalized grades. In addition, the "Current Overall Percentage" shown for each student is not a simple average of the grading period percentages shown for the student because that kind of simple average is not very meaningful. The "Current Overall Percentage" is the value computed by the grading engine at the time this report was run. When computing the students Overall Percentage in the class, the grading engine takes into account all available scores for the student in the class even if they are outside the date range you specified. In addition, the grading engine factors in grading period weighting, category weighting, points possible, points earned, scores to drop, extra credit etc when computing the "Current Overall Percentage" for a student.

Start and End Dates: You must specify start and end dates which will be used to determine the grades that are included in the report.

Course ID: You can optionally specify a Course ID number.

Section Code: You can optionally specify a Section number.

Student ID: You can optionally specify a specific Student District ID.

Student ID Starts With: You can optionally specify the first few characters of the Student District ID values you want. For example, if your group contains students from many different schools and you preface their student IDs with letters such as GWH for "George Washington High School" and JH for "Jefferson High School", you could enter "GWH" to only get students who have IDs that start with GWH.

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