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Grading Periods
You can use this screen to directly manage the grading periods defined by your group. Whenever a new section is created, it gets default grading periods based on the contents of this screen. You can not have more than thirty grading periods. Typical values for the title fields are "Quarter 1", "Quarter 2", "Semester 1" etc. You do not need a grading period for the entire year - the overall grade provides this. Click here to learn more about how grading periods are used when grades are computed.

Each time a new section is created, it receives the latest version of your grading period definitions.

Changes to grading period definitions do not change the grading periods of previously created sections unless you click the "update sections" button. When you click the "update sections" button, the grading periods are saved and you are asked if you want to apply them to all sections of just the currently active sections and whether or not you want to replace teacher defined grading periods and weights.

In general, grading periods should not start before, or end after, any start and end dates of the classes being added. When sections are added, any grading periods that are outside the section's date range are ignored and are displayed as "Reserved by Group Manager" in the teachers Grading Periods screen.

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