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Integration - General Information and Settings

This screen is accessed by clicking the Integration tab while logged in as a Group Manager. If you enable Integration, your group will be able to setup and maintain your student information system's teachers, students, and class schedules in MyGradeBook via screens and file uploads. In addition, Integration lets you to define grading periods, attendance codes, and comment codes that will be used by the teachers in your group. Integration also lets you download grades, attendance, comment codes, print report cards, and more.

You can use MyGradeBook as a standalone Student Information System. You can also integrate MyGradeBook with your current Student Information System. Integration between MyGradeBook and you Student Information System can be automatically maintained or manually maintained.

In addition to using the screens shown when you hold your mouse of the Integration tab, you can automatically upload and download files by using software that can mimic a https post to MyGradeBook.

General Settings
  • IP Address Used For Automated File Uploads: If your group is part of a Master Group that is using automated integration to upload files on your behalf, you can leave the IP Address field empty. If your group is not part of a Master group, you must specify an IP address before automated file uploads will be accepted.
  • School ID: ID number assigned to your school by your district. Entering a value in this field is useful if your school district has many schools using MyGradeBook because the value will be inserted into Attendance and Offical Comment files that you or your district downloads. Please contact your district's Information Services department if you are unsure what if any value should be entered in the School ID field.
  • Automatic Email Notification: If checked, each teacher added to your group though a District Integration file upload will receive an email containing their login password.
  • Include students that have no scores in grade downloads: This option affects the Download Grades screen and automated grade downloads. You can choose from the following options: Never, Always, If they have an Official Comment in the grading period.
  • Allow Automatic Linking Of Student Classes based on their Student DID: If checked, a summary of all of the student's classes will be shown on the home tab and they will be able to quickly switch between classes via a Linked Class drop down.
  • Let students and parents update their email addresses: If checked, the students and parents in your group will be able to update their email addresses by using their My Account screen after they log in.
  • Let teachers change student passwords: If checked, teachers will be able to use the Student screen to update the passwords of students in their classes. When a teacher changes the password for a student, the password is changed in all of the student's classes including those that are not taught by the teacher.
  • Minimum percentage requried for finalization: The default is zero and that lets teachers finalize grades regardless of the student percentages. If you enter a value greater than zero, your teachers will be unable to finalize grades when they have a student with a percentage below the value you specify. For example, if you enter 49.9999, teachers who try to finalize when they have a student below 50% will be prompted to use the Override Grades screen, give extra credit, or otherwise find a way to meet your minimum percentage requirement.
  • Show Attendance tab in Student/Parent Viewer: If checked, students and parents will see the attendance tab when they login. Colleges often uncheck this option.

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