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You can use this screen to directly manage the course sections defined by your group and the students in sections. When creating new course sections, we highly recommend making the course number start with the current year followed by a dash. For example, if you are creating your very first Course and the current year is 2015, you should use 2015-1 as your first Course Number. Using the current year followed by a dash makes it is easier for you to work with your when you start using MyGradeBook during your second year and beyond.

Since most courses have more than one section, you can have more than one record with the same COURSE_DID, or the same SECTION_CODE but there can only be one record with a given COURSE_DID and SECTION_CODE combination. For example, you can have several lines with a COURSE_DID of "AmHist", with different sections "1", "2", "3". The Student Schedules file uses the data in this file to identify the classes for each student.

When a section is created, you will see a roster button that you can use to manage the students in the section. In addition, the teacher assigned to the section will be able to see the section in her Class dropdown menu the next time she logs in. MyGradeBook will automatically generate a unique random Classword for the class. Students and parents login to view their grades by entering the Classword assigned to their class and the password assigned to the student by the teacher. Students and parents cannot login to view their grades until the teachers give them passwords.

When a section is created, it is given a default set of grading periods based on the grading periods you have defined for the group. Click here to learn more about how grading periods are used when grades are computed.

The gray section at the bottom of the screen lets you modify the section's grading periods. As with all changes on the screen, changes made in the gray section do not affect any other sections.

The Mark Download Type field is not normally modified and it defaults to "Unspecified" when a section is created. You can use the Mark Download Type field to override the type of Grading Period Mark (alpha or numeric) exported when you request a download of all grades/marks in your group. Click here for a description of how teacher overrides work with the mark downloads run by group managers.

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