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As of May 2015, the Master Student List functionality has been deprecated in favor of Integration. Please click on the Integration tab while logged in as a Group Manager for more information.

The Students screen allows a group manager to view, add, edit, and delete students on their group account's master list. Prior to the addition of this screen, group managers would only see a message on the Import Students screen informing them that a certain number of students had been added to the group, with no real way to view the data for those students.

Each time that a group manager accesses the Students screen they will see the current number of students that appear on their master list.


The Add button allows a group manager to add a new student to their group's master list without having to import another file through the Import Students screen. The Add screen is also used to edit a student's information.

When the group manager clicks the Add button, they are taken to a screen containing various text boxes in which they will enter the new student's information. Please note that the only required information on this screen are the Student ID, First Name, Last Name, and at least one Course Number.

Once all of the student's information has been entered, click the Save button to add the student to the master list.

Each student may have up to 40 Course Numbers. The screen will always show a minimum of ten Course Number fields and at least five empty Course Number fields. For students with more than ten Course Numbers, you must add the additional Course Numbers five at a time. Enter the first ten Course Numbers and click the Save button. The data will be saved and the Add screen will reload with five additional empty Course Number fields. Continue entering the next five Course Numbers and clicking the Save button to get five additional empty Course Number fields. Note that the current Course Numbers are always listed in alphabetical order.

The Find button allows a group manager to search for a student who appears on the group's master list.

There are three methods available through which a group manager can search for a student:

  • by ID
  • by First and/or Last Name
  • by Course Number

To search for a student, all a group manager has to do is specify the information for the student that they want to view, and then click on the Search button. Once the program locates the students that match the search criteria, the following information will be displayed for them:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Home Phone
  • Mother's Phone
  • Father's Phone
  • Email address
To edit the student's information, click on the student's ID. This will open the Add screen populated with the student's current data.

**NOTE** If you search by ID and a match is found, you are taken directly to the edit screen.

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