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Group Students Report
If your group is using the Integration tab, you can use this screen to print out a list of your students and download a spreadsheet file that contains the students.

Choose the options you desire and click the save button to have the report generated for you. After the screen redisplays, you can hold your mouse cursor over the Print link near the top of the screen and choose from PDF or HTML format. If you want to download the data in spreadsheet format, you can click the "Download the spreadsheet link" that is shown just above the save button.

The following options are available in this report and can be used to restrict the list of students shown:
  • Include All or Just Active Students
  • Only Students With an ID that starts with
  • Grade Level
  • Gender
  • Custom - If you enter a value in this field, only students that have a matching value in their Custom field will be included in the report.

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