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Students Screen
You can use this screen to directly manage the student names, email addresses, passwords, etc instead using the Upload Screen and a 4Students file. The "Custom" field can be used for whatever purpose you see fit.

Each student must have an ID that is unique within your group, a first name, and a last name. We highly recommend including the email addresses of the students and parents so teachers can contact them via their Communicate screen and Grades Updated screen.

When you change a students password via the Student Screen, it changes the password in each of the students classes which is important to know if you are letting teachers change student passwords. You can use the General Info screen in the Integration menu stop teachers from changing student passwords. If you want update all student passwords at once, use the Student Passwords screen.

Each student in your group should have a unique password. When you add students, a random password is filled in for you. If you decide to override the default random password and you enter a password that is being used by another student in your group, the password will be automatically changed to a random value that no other student is using when you click the save button.

Delete All Unscheduled Students
When you are not working on a specific student such as when you load the Students screen via the menu option in the Integration tab, you will see a "delete all unscheduled students" button which can be clicked to delete all students that do not have a course-section. The "delete all unscheduled students" button is useful when you want to clear out students that are no longer attending your school so they do not show up in Administrative Viewer searches.

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