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Sub Groups
The Sub Groups screen shows you a list of all the groups that have used their Master Group screen to join your group. You can use this screen to view how many licenses each sub group owns and the total number of licenses owned by all of your groups. In addition, you can remove a sub group from your group by clicking the revoke link. Removing a group from your list of sub groups does not affect that groups access to MyGradeBook.

You can post integration files on behlaf of your sub groups by taking advantage of the automated District Integration capabilities built into MyGradeBook. In addition, you can pay the annual fees for all of your sub groups with a single purchase order that lists each of your sub groups and the number of licenses each sub group is going to have.

You can access the Sub Group screen by clicking the Integration link. Once you click the Integation link and you have enabled District Integration, you will see several integration related links below the Integration link. Click the "Sub Group" link.

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