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Teachers With No IDs
In order to benefit from District Integration, each teacher in your group must have a teacher district identifier. When you upload a teacher file to create teacher accounts, the teachers in the file will automatically have a teacher district identifier. However, you may find out that some of your teachers will have not teacher district identifier because they already had accounts before you implemented District Integration or they created their own account and manually joined your group.

The Teachers With No IDs screen allows you to assign a teacher district identifier to the account of teachers that were not created via the file upload process. The screen will list all of the teachers in your group that need a teacher district identifier. You can assign a identifier to a teacher by clicking their assign link and following the instructions.

You can access the Teachers With No IDs screen by clicking the Integration link. Once you click the Integation link and you have enabled District Integration, you will see several integration related links below the Integration link. Click the "Teachers With No IDs" link.

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