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Import Scores
The Import Scores screen is accessed by teachers via the Scores tab menu. Teachers can use the Import Scores screen to import a spreadsheet file that has a .xlsx or .xls file extension and format. If you do not have a spreadsheet program that can create .xlsx files, you can use to import your Comma Separated Values (.csv) file or a TAB delimited file into a spreadsheet and then export it in .xlsx file format.

File Format Example
Student ID HomeWork Day 1 HomeWork Day 2 HomeWork Day 3

The last row in the file format example shown above is an example Non-Numeric Scoring.

File Format Description
  • Header Row - The first row in your file should be a header row. The column of your header row should be something like "Student ID" or "Student_ID" or "StudentID" but it doesn't really matter. There should be at least one more column after the Student ID column. The columns after the Student ID column should contain the names of existing Assignments in your class.
  • Columns - After the first row in your file, the first column of each row is used for the Student DID (District ID) values you or your Group Manager assign to your students. You can see and manage the Student DID values in the Students screen. The rest of the columns in your file should hold the scores the students received.
  • Scores
    • If a score in your file is one of the Non-Numeric scoring codes you have defined in the Non-Numeric Scores screen, it will be converted accordingly.
    • If a score in your file has a percentage sign (%) in it and is a numeric value, the points earned are computed by multiplying the value by the maximum possible points in the assignment. For example, if the assignment is worth 200 points and the score is "75%", the points earned will be 150.
    • If the score is numeric and does not have a % sign, the points earned are imported directly. For example, if the assignment is worth 200 points and the score is "75", the points earned will be 75.
Maximum Number Of Assignments
You can import scores from up to 1000 assignments at a time.

Only the first sheet is read.
If your spreadsheet file has multiple sheets, you should know that only the first sheet will be read.

Maximum File Size
The maximum file size is 5 MB which should be more than enough if your spreadsheet just has the necessary data described in the file format above. If your file is too big, try getting rid of extra sheets or extraneous columns.

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