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Licenses Used Report

The Licenses Used Report allows you to see information about who has signed up for MyGradeBook accounts using your groups licenses and how many licenses you have left. You should periodically check this screen to make sure you are not running out of licenses.

If you are using District Integration processes, you should check this page periodically to make sure no teacher is getting close to the 60 class limit. If a teacher has 60 classes, the Integration Routines will reject attempts to add another section/class for the teacher.

Revoking Licenses
Revoking a license by clicking a "Revoke" hyperlink, adds to your available licenses so more teachers can sign up. Revoking the license does NOT delete the teachers account or any of the teachers data. Revoking the license merely removes the teacher from your group and forces the teacher to pay an annual service fee.

A teacher can rejoin your group after their license has been revoked, but any classes created using District Integration before their license was revoked will not be reintegrated. You will not be able to download grades or comments for any classes that were loaded before the teacher's license was revoked.

Altering District ID values
If your group is using District Integration processes, you can use the links in the District ID column to manually modify District ID values assigned to your teachers.

Using student District ID values to automatically link classes
One of the many benefits of using District Integration is that when students and parents log in to any one of the students classes, they see a summary of the grades from all of their classes. However, you do not have to use District Integration to get automatically linked classes for your students and parents. If a District ID number is assigned to each student by your school and teachers in your group record that Student District ID value for each student in the "District ID" column of the Student screen in each of their classes, MyGradeBook will use the Student District ID value to link together all of a student's classes. Upon logging into any one class, a student will see grade information for all of his/her other classes as well, provided that:
  • The teachers have recorded the student District ID in the Student screen
  • The teachers provided password for the student in the Student screen. The password does not have to be the same in each class.
  • The teachers are members of your MyGradeBook group.

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