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Low Grades Email

The Low Grades Email screen allows you to send emails to active students and parents that have an email address and a password. You can use this screen to let the students and parents know that their current grade is low. Each students current grade is based on their percentage in the currently active grading period or their overall grade if the class does not use grading periods. Emails are not sent to students that have no scores. Each email will contain a personalized hyperlink that the recipient can click on for instant access to their account.

Sending email notices with links that contain login information to students and parents is not 100% secure. The email this screen sends to students and parents suggests using the manual log in process if they want increased security.

Select Classes to Send Email
Select the class or classes you wish to email. When you have made your class selections, click the "send email" button.

Send Email
Clicking the "send email" button sends out the Grades Updated notices for the classes you have selected.

Click the "cancel" button if you decide that you do not want to send the email.

Example of the standard email message sent by this screen

Subject: The grades for John Smith in "Science Period 4" are low.
Text: There are two ways you can log in. The most secure method is to start at and use the following login information.
Classword: WM7FG39A Student Password: H3986SWQ
Another way of logging in is to click the Automatic Login link below. Using this link creates a risk that your login information could be intercepted, enabling someone else to access your account.
If nothing happens when you click the link, your email software is preventing you from using the link. You can cut and paste the link into the address box of your web browser and press your Enter key.
Abe Lincoln

  To disable email messages from MyGradeBook, click the following link:

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