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Low Scores Report
The Low Scores Report provides you with all scores received by students that are below a percentage you specify. This report is useful when trying to show students and parents where the students are losing points. If you want to include missing scores in this report, set the low score cutoff to 0.01.

You have the option in the Show pull-down menu to make the Student pull-down menu to display:
  • all students
  • active students
  • inactive students
If you have defined Grading Periods Screen, you will see a Period pull-down menu with "All grading periods" selected as the default. You can use the Period pull-down menu to make the report only show low scores within a specific grading period.

By default, all scores below 70% are displayed. However, you can change the percentage to any value and click the Show Low Scores button to view the report.

You can display one student, or click on the Display All Students check box and click the Show Low Scores button to view a report on all students.

The report shows all the categories that apply to the student. If a students score in a given assignment is below the minimum percentage, the assignment will appear under the category, providing you with the Assignment Name, Assignment Weight, Date Due, Maximum Points Possible, Points Earned and the Percentage Earned. You can click on the assignment name for a description of the assignment, and on points earned to change the value.

When you change the percentage cutoff or the option to display all students, click the Show Low Scores button to show the updated report reflecting any effect made by the new percentage.

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