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Citizenship and Effort Grades

Use the Citizenship and Effort Grades screen to make changes to the Citizenship and Effort grades for each student. The Citizenship and Effort grades can contain any value up to two characters long and are displayed in some of the reports. For example, the Overall Class Grades report shows the Citizenship and Effort grades.

How to Use the Citizenship and Effort Grades Screen

Use the Class pull-down menu to pick the class you want to work with. Change the grades and click the "Save" button.

You have the option in the Show pull-down menu to display:
  • all students
  • active students
  • inactive students
If your account is paid for by a group that is using District Integration, you should be aware that the Citizenship and Effort grades are not part of the grades, attendance, and official comments that are automatically sent to your schools information system.

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