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Overall Class Grades
The Overall Class Grades screen computes the grades for all students in the selected class/grading period(s) and displays:
  • Student DID - This is the ID assigned by your school.
  • Student ID - This is the ID assigned by MyGradeBook.
  • Student Name
  • Rank (not available in elementary classes)
  • Grade
  • Citizenship Grade
  • Effort Grade
  • Percentage
Grading Periods
If you have used the Grading Periods Screen to define grading periods, you will see a Periods pull-down menu just below the Student pull-down menu. You can use the Period pull-down menu to make the report only reflect data within the date range specified by the chosen grading period.

The Sort pull-down menu provides a variety of options for sorting.

The DIDs that start with field lets you restrict the report so it only shows students who have a DID (a Student ID assigned by your school) that starts with the value you specify.

Checkboxes next to each field indicate which fields you want to display. You can select the checkbox to deselect fields that you do not want to appear on the report. Once you make any changes, click on the Display Report button to see the list with ony those fields you have selected.

You enter Citizenship and Effort grades in the Citizenship and Effort Grades Screen.

You can click on the Student ID to view student's individual Student Grading Summary.

Note 1:
MyGradeBook retains your grades until you delete a class or you have not accessed MyGradeBook in over three years. Even when the grading information is deleted by your own actions, we retain the deleted information in our "Recycle Bin" for 60 days. You can use the Undelete screen form the Toolkit tab to undelete data you want to retain.

Note 2:
The Export Screen from the Toolkit tab has several download formats some of which allow you to download a file related to student scores.

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