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Override Grades

The Override Grades screen allows you to override the overall grades and percentages that have been computed by MyGradeBook in classes that are not using the Elementary Format. Teachers typically use this screen to manually adjust grades and percentages for individual students instead of requiring the students to complete some extra credit assignments.

Any changes made to grades and percentages via the Override Grades screen will appear in all screens and reports seen by the teacher, students, and parents, and will be marked with a red asterisk. If you are in a group using system integration, the overrides you enter will also be reflected in Grading Period Mark exports to the school database. Click here for a description of how overrides work with the mark downloads run by group managers.

If your class uses grading period weights and you override a computed percentage in a weighted grading period, the system will automatically compute override grades and percentages for the Overall Grade and any unweighted encompassing grading periods.

Whether or not your class uses grading period weights, overriding a percentage in a grading period automatically changes the "Computed Grade". The "Computed Grade" is not shown with an override asterisk in reports because the grade is derived from the overridden percentage. If you want to force the display of a red asterisk next to the grades in reports and screens, enter a value in the Override Grade field and click the Save button.

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