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Importing Prosper Assessment System Scores

You can use the Import Prosper Scores screen to import scores that are in file on your computer into a MyGradeBook assignment. If you have the Prosper Assessment System, use the MyGradeBook export feature in the Prosper Assessment System to create the necessary file. After you have created the file, login at MyGradeBook, click on the Scores tab, and then click on the Import Prosper Scores screen link shown below the scores tab.

Importing Scores From Other Systems
You can also use the Import Prosper Scores screen to import scores from other systems as long as they can generate a file matching the requirements defined below.

  • The file you upload must contain TAB delimited values.
  • The first row of the file must have five columns.
    1. Name of the assignment or test.
    2. Date the scores were recorded in the date format used by the country you specified in the Internationalization Preferences section of the My Account screen. Based on your currently specified country, you would use the mm/dd/yyyy format.
    3. Points possible.
    4. Class title.
    5. A teacher ID number. This is not currently used for anything but you still need to put something in this column.
  • The rest of rows in the file should have two columns.
    1. Student ID. The values in this column must match the Student DID of one of the students in the class that the scores are being imported into. You can set the student Student DID values in the Student screen.
    2. Points received. This should be a numeric value or one of the valid non numeric scores.

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