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Import Quiz Scores
The Import Quiz Scores screen is available through the Home tab and Scores tab. This screen allows you to import student scores for individual quizzes into your MyGradeBook account.

To import your scores, please review the following steps:
  1. When you first access the Import Quiz Scores screen, select the class that contains the quiz whose scores you want to import.
  2. After you select your class, use the drop-down menu to choose the quiz with which the scores are associated.
  3. Select the category in MyGradeBook to which your quiz belongs. If you have not created a category for your quizzes, please access the Categories tab to do so.
  4. Select the assignment in MyGradeBook that corresponds to the quiz whose information you want to export. Note that the assignment does not need to have the same title of your quiz. You can make the assignment name something generic, or easy for you to remember. For example, you can name the assignment Week 7 quiz.
  5. After you have selected your assignment, new information regarding the assignment will appear on your screen. This information includes:

    • The date the assignment was assigned
    • The date that the assignment is due
    • The maximum number of points that the assignment is worth. (Note: the default is 100 points)
    • The number of students who have not yet received a score for the assignment.

    You also have the ability to choose whether or not your students can retake the quiz once the scores have been imported. If you do not want them to take the quiz again, simply uncheck box that appears next to this option.

  6. When you're ready to import your scores to MyGradeBook, click on the Import button.

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