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Import From Library
The Import From Library link allows you to import ready-made quizzes from the "Public Library" into your Quiz List. You are able to modify a quiz once it has been imported.

To import a quiz, enter your search criteria then click the search button. All the quizzes in the "Public Library" that meet your search requirements will be listed. Click IMPORT to copy a quiz into your Quiz List. Only one quiz can be imported at a time.

About the Quiz Library:
The Library is comprised of quizzes which individual teachers who use MyGradeBook thought would be useful to other teachers. By contributing a quiz you are indicating that it is an original work, and you are providing MyGradeBook the permanent use of the quiz in our Quiz Library. If you choose to import a quiz from the Quiz Library, please check the questions and answers carefully to ensure that they meet your needs. We do not check facts, spelling, grammar, or filter words in quizzes that are submitted to the Quiz Library.

Search Button:
Click the search button to browse through the quizzes in the Public Library that meet your search criteria.

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