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List of Teacher Reports

The reports available to teachers fall into four categories:
  1. Scores
  2. Students
  3. Attendance and Grading
  4. Quizzes
  5. Miscellaneous


Student Grading Summary
Category Grades
Student Scores Vertical
Student Scores Horizontal
Grading Periods (Horizontal)
Grading Periods (Vertical)
Low Scores
Missing Scores
Overall Grades
Percentages By Category
Finalized Grades
Assignment Scores
Non-Numeric Scores
All Scores


Anecdotal Log
Password Details
Roster (Compact)
Roster (Expanded) General Comments
Official Comments


Class Attendance Summary
Class Attendance Details
Student Attendance Summary
Grading Sheet
Daily Attendance Roster
Weekly Attendance/Grading Sheet

Scores By Class
Full Class Scores
Scores by Quiz
Scores by Student
Individual Students Answers
Missed Questions By Class
Missed Questions By Student
Survey Results
Essay Questions and Answers
Individual Quiz Details
My Diagnostic Tests
Available Diagnostic Tests
My Quiz Packs
Available Quiz Packs
My Workbooks
Available Workbooks


Assignment List
Access Log
Letter to parents
Official Comment Codes
Student Login Totals

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