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Scores By Assignment

The Scores By Assignment screen lets you record scores for students in a single assignment. You can also use other screens to score By Student and By Spreadsheet.

Select a class from the pull-down menu at the top of the screen, then select a category from the pull-down category menu. At this point you can select and assignment from the pull-down assignment menu or click the "add and score" button.

Add and Score
The "add and score" button is displayed whenever you have a class and category selected and is much faster than going to the Assignments screen, adding an assignment, and then coming back to the Scores By Assignment screen to score it.

If you click the "add and score" button, you will be able to add an assignment in the currently selected category and score it at the same time.
  • The default value placed in the "Points" field of the new assignment is based on the value specified for "Default number of points for new assignments" in the preferences section of your My Account screen.
  • The default dates of the new assignment can be either the current date or the first and last date the class meets. The default can be changed by checking or unchecking the "Default assignment dates to first & last day of class" box in the preferences section of your My Account screen.

Remember to click the Save button when you are done updating the fields on the screen. If you do not want to make the changes, click the Cancel button.

If you have an assignment selected and you are not in the middle of adding a new assignment, you will see a copy button. If you have multiple classes that use the same assignments, you can save time by using the Copy button. You can also copy multiple assignments at a time by using the copy button in the Assignments Screen. After you click the copy button, you see a list of all the currently active classes that contain a category with the same name as the category you are currently using. By default, all of the classes are checked. If you want to copy the assignments to all of the classes, just click the copy button. If there are any classes that should not receive a copy of the assignment, uncheck them before clicking the copy button.

Updating Scores
Click on any field in the Points Earned column. When the cursor is in the field you want to change, enter the new value. You can update as many scores as you want before clicking the Save button. Remember to click the Save button when you are done updating the fields on the screen. If you do not want to make the changes, click the Cancel button.

Using Keys To Quickly Move The Cursor
Once you have placed the cursor in any field, you can use Arrow keys, Enter, TAB, and Shift-TAB to quickly move the cursor from field to field.

NOTE 1 - Arrow keys are not supported with Firefox 2 browsers on Macintosh computers.

NOTE 2 - Macintosh Safari users should use the down arrow key or the Return key above the Shift key when they want to go down one field because the Enter key on the Numeric Keypad will submit the form.

Click here for help on Non-Numeric Scoring.

Scoring Tip: Teachers normally enter Points Earned in the score fields. However, you can type the percentage a student received and the screen will automatically convert it to points for you. When you type a score followed by the "%" sign, the screen will automatically convert the percentage to points for you.

You can optionally enter up to 500 characters as a comment for each score. Scoring Comments are shown to students and parents when they login and view reports such as their Assignments By Date Due report. In addition, the Scoring Comments are displayed in reports teachers can run.

Quick Scoring
This option allows you to change all instances of a certain score value to different value. For example, you could replace all of the '?' scores with 'MIS'.

Student ID
Click on a Student ID number to see the Student Summary report for that student.

Number of Unscored Students
The screen indicates the number of unscored students to the right of the Category drop down box. The number of unscored students is based only on the currently active students. A student is considered active if the student record has no drop date or the drop date is a date in the future.

Overall Grade / Percentage
In the area to the right of each students assignment score, the Scores by Assignment screen shows you the Grade/Percentage for the student has for all of the assignments in the entire class. If you have selected a particular grading period, the grade and percentage for that entire grading period is also shown. The Scores By Assignment screen is not reporting a Grade/Percentage for the student on the single assignment being displayed.

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