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Scores By Student

The Scores By Student screen is the sixth step/screen used in the 5 steps taken by most teachers when they create a new class. You can also score By Assignment and by By Spreadsheet.

This screen allows you to update the scores of a single student in a specific category or all categories. Use the Category drop down to select a category or "All Categories". When you select a an option in the category drop down, the screen automatically refreshes to display scores from the selected category and any sub categories.

You have the option in the Show pull-down menu to enable the Student menu to display:
  • all students
  • active students
  • inactive students

Updating Scores By Student
Click on any field in the Points column. When the cursor is in the field you want to change, enter the new value. Click the Save button to update the field. If you do not want to make the changes, click the Cancel button.

Scoring Tip: Teachers normally enter Points Earned in the score fields. However, you can type the percentage a student received and the screen will automatically convert it to points for you. When you type a score followed by the "%" sign, the screen will automatically convert the percentage to points for you.

You can update as many scores as you want before clicking the Save button.

Using Keys To Quickly Move The Cursor
Once you have placed the cursor in any field, you can use Arrow keys, Enter, TAB, and Shift-TAB to quickly move the cursor from field to field.

NOTE 1 - Arrow keys are not supported with Firefox 2 browsers on Macintosh computers.

NOTE 2 - Macintosh Safari users should use the down arrow key or the Return key above the Shift key when they want to go down one field because the Enter key on the Numeric Keypad will submit the form.

Click here for help on Non-Numeric Scoring.

You can optionally enter up to 500 characters as a comment for each score. Scoring Comments are shown to students and parents when they login and view reports such as their Assignments By Date Due report. In addition, the Scoring Comments are displayed in reports teachers can run.

Notes for Elementary Classes
In elementary classes, the grade and percentage for the selected student are only displayed when the the selected category or one of its master categories has been flagged to report grades in the Category Screen. If grades and percentages are shown, you will see a Report Category: header followed by the name of the category the grade and percentage are for.

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