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Student Scores Horizontal Report
The Student Scores Horizontal report shows student scores within the date range you specify. Overall grades are not shown in Elementary Classes because Elementary classes report grades by category.

Printing notes
Use landscape mode for the best results. If you do not like the format of this report, try using another report such as the Student Scores Vertical, Student Grading Summary, or All Scores reports.

The Student Scores Horizontal report displays all of the students in your class, their overall grade, and their scores for each assignment that is due within the specified date range, plus the average score received by the class in each assignment.

Enter the dates and click the redisplay report button.

Click on the Student ID for a grading summary for that student. Click on the individual grades to change them.

NOTE: Grading Period selection only affects which overall grade is displayed. The From and To dates control which scores are shown.

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