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Reminder: Please remember to completely Logoff when you are done working. If other people have physical access to the computer you are using, failing to completely Logoff can allow a savvy person to access your account without your knowledge.
  • Every time an attempt to access your account is made, we log the attempt in our database. By default, when you login and there is at least one failed attempt during the past 72 hours, the results of every attempt to access your account during the last thirty days is shown to you in a pop up window. You can modify how far back the system searches for login failures during your logins by going to the Preferences section of the My Account screen to adjust the Access Log pop up setting.
  • By default, all teachers accounts created after December 30, 2007 only receive an email about a login attempt when it is unsuccessful. Use the Preferences section of the My Account screen to control whether or not you receive email notification during successful logins.
  • If three consecutive unsuccessful attempts to login to your account are recorded, your account is automatically locked for one hour. The only way to access your account during the one hour lockout period is to enter you unlock password instead of your regular password to unlock your account and then login again using your regular password.
  • Once you login, all access to MyGradeBook is encrypted via the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

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