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Student Demographics
Many teachers like this report because it lets them have fairly small report that lists much of the information about each student. Name, overall rank, overall grade, overall percentage, email addresses of student and parents, home phone, parents phone numbers, and the students password are shown in this report.

**Note** If your class is using the Elementary Format, this report will not display each students overall rank, overall grade, and overall percentage because the information is not meaningful in elementary classes.

Each email address can be clicked on to send an email to a single student or parent. Use the Communicate screen and Grades Updated screen to send emails to groups of students and or parents.

Email addresses that are in MyGradeBook's list of blocked addresses are shown in red. Email addresses can end up in the blocked list for one of the following reasons:
  • The email address is invalid.
  • The email administrator is blocking emails from MyGradeBook.
  • The email server that handles emails for the address was not working when MyGradeBook sent an email to it.
  • The student or parent asked MyGradeBook to stop sending them emails.
An email address can be removed from MyGradeBook's list of blocked addresses when the owner of the email address sends an email to with a subject of "Unblock my email".

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