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The Calendar screen lets you view events and assignments your teacher has defined within a calendar format. You can also take online quizzes by clicking any green links you see. The Calendar screen displays each day of the month you have chosen to view.

What you can do with the calendar screen
  • Print the calendar by clicking the "Print this report" link. (Use your printers Landscape mode)
  • View an assignment or event description on a specific date by clicking on the title of the assignment or event. If there is no link, then the teacher did not enter a description.
  • Take an online quiz by clicking its title which will have a green color. Please note that you will only see online quiz links if your teacher has created them and assigned them to your class with a specific due date.
Display options
The display options are listed just above the calendar. Change the options and click the Show Calendar button to see the calendar with the new options. By default, all events, assignments, and online quizzes for the current month and year are shown.

By default, weekends are not displayed. Not displaying weekends leaves more space to display assignment titles. If you have events or assignments on weekends or just prefer to see weekends, click in the "Show weekends" checkbox.

Events are unscored calendar items. For example, "Open House" could be an event in the calendar.

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