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Student Grading Summary
The Student Grading Summary screen displays a variety of information for one student at a time, or for all of the students in a particular class.

Using the options
Active/Inactive students: You can specify which types of individual students will be listed in the report by using the Show pull-down menu:
  • all students
  • active students
  • inactive students

Specific Student or All: You can select an individual student from the Student pull-down menu, or you can view all of the students in a class by checking the List All Students box and clicking the Use New Options button.

A fast internet connection is recommended when using the List All Students option. If you want to list all students, we recommend that you have a computer with more than 4 MB of free memory and an internet connection that is faster than a 56k modem because the report can be very large when you have a lot of data.

Grading Periods: If you have used the Class Screen to define grading periods for a particular class, you will see a Periods pull-down menu just below the Student pull-down menu. You can use the Period menu to make the report reflect data that only appears in the date range that is specified by the chosen grading period.

Specifying Sections: You can view different sections in your report by clicking on the check box that appears next to each option in the yellow box. Once you have selected the sections that you want displayed, click on the Redisplay Report button.

Here's a list of the different sections that you can view on the Student Grading Summary:

Overall Summary
Viewing the Student Grading Summary according to the Overall Summary allows a teacher to see a basic overview of a student's grade, including their overall grade in the class, their rank, and assignment information.

Category Summary
The Category Summary option allows you to view the general information for the different categories to which your assignments belong. You'll be able to see the weights for each category along with number of possible points and the number of points earned.

SEE ALSO: Category Grade Roll Ups

Assignments by Category
The Assignments by Category option displays a student's assignment scores with the assignments sorted in the categories to which they were assigned.

SEE ALSO: Category Grade Roll Ups

Assignments by Due Date
When you select the Assignments by Due Date option, a student's assignment scores are listed according to the date on which an assignment was to be handed in.

Show Future Assignments
The Show Future Assignments option acts as a modifier for the Assignments by Category and Assignments by Date sections that you can use in case you want to list assignments that are not due yet. Please note that you need to pick at least on subsection (Summary, Assignments by Category, Assignments by Date, Student Chart...) for this to work.

Student Chart
If you have a browser capable of running Java, this option provides you with a graph that plots each assignment score as a percentage. The graph compares a student score (in red) with the class average on an assignment (in blue). If you have defined Grading Periods for your class, you can limit the information displayed to a specific grading period.

Attendance Summary
The Attendance Summary option allows you to show the number of days a student was present in class vs. the number of days they were absent.

Attendance Details
When you select the Attendance Details option, you can view whether a student was present, absent, or tardy for each day of class for which you've recorded attendance.

Suppress Percentages and Weights
The Suppress Percentages and Weights option allows you to suppress all displays of weights and percentages in the subsections offered in the Student Grading Summary.

  • Overall Summary
  • Category Summary
  • Assignments by Category
  • Assignment by Due Date

General Comments
The General Comments option allows you to show the General Comments you defined as being viewable by the students and parents.

Offical Comments
The Offical Comments option is only viewable if you are in a group that is using district integration that has defined official comment codes. The Offical Comments option allows you to show the Official Comments you entered that are defined as being viewable by the students and parents.

List All Students
The List All Students allows you to view the grading information in your report for all of the students in your class.

** Note ** If you want to list all of the students in a class, we recommend that you use a computer with more than 4 MB of free memory and an Internet connection that is faster than a 56k modem. This is due to the fact that the report you want to view can be very large, especially if you have a lot of data.

Only include students whose grading period percentage is below
Leave this field blank to list students regardless of their percentage in the chosen grading period or enter a numeric value such as 60 for all students below 60%. If a students computed percentage has been overridden, the override percentage will be used to determine if they are below the percentage you specified. If the student has no possible points in the selected grading period, they will be displayed.

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