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"Teachers like the convenience of being able to work from home. Since we started using this program, homework is being turned in more regularly and grades are improving. It's great being able to communicate more directly with parents, and it is helpful to parents to be able to check on their children's progress."

Kathy Burns, Technical Specialist, Ann Arbor Public Schools

"I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for this service! Your program has motivated my students! During the first month of school, I received dozens of thank-you emails from parents, who were amazed by all of the information that MyGradeBook provides to them. My class averages have never been higher and we owe it to your program. I am amazed that I ever taught without it."

Alice Willingham, LaPlata, Maryland

The Central New York Regional Information Center has partnered with the KMKVGK Inc. for more than 5 years to provide application and technical support for to our component school districts. Our districts love the features and ease of use they get with and it integrates easily with our student management systems. The KMKVGK Inc. is a pleasure to work with and is always responsive to our needs and feedback.

Lori West, Manager of Student Services Central New York Regional Information Center

"The implementation of MyGradeBook has contributed to an improved success rate of communication between parents and teachers. Since parents are able to access their child's progress in his classes, they have a better understanding of what is expected of their child. Likewise, as students become more familiar with the program and communication increases between their parents and their teachers, student progress improves. I strongly recommend that fellow educators use, because it effectively increases communication between parents, teachers, and students."

Lisa, High-School Teacher, Monticello, New York

"If you ever need me to write you a letter telling other teachers how great and useful this program is, I'll be glad to. It has really helped me stay in touch with the parents who care how their child is doing in my class. Forever grateful."

Ronnie Thompson, Fayetteville, North Carolina

"Thanks for this service! Having parents keep track of their students' grades, attendance, and upcoming homework assignments on the Internet has improved the performance of my students and reduced the number of teacher-parent conferences I have had to attend..."

Kurt Benjamin, Math Teacher, L.A. Unified

"Wow! MyGradeBook is exactly what I wanted for my students!"

Chris Hutter, Teacher

"MyGradeBook is a wonderful idea. It's so true that it helps eliminate the need for teacher-parent conferences."

Karen and Jerome Howard, Parents, California

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